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Current & Upcoming Events


August 26 – “Scansion in Psychoanalysis & Art: Another Royal Road,” Swedish Psychoanalytic Society, Stockholm, Sweden. 

July 4 – August 28 – “Mementeros” exhibition, The Museum of Pornography in Art, Zürich, Switzerland. Live performance and film screening with Carl Abrahamsson. 

June 11-12 – The Material and Immaterial History of Psychiatry: an Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 

May 30 – June 1 – Re-writing the Future: 100 Years of Esoteric Modernism & Psychoanalysis, Pienzenau & Brunnenburg Castles, Merano, Italy. 

May 10-12 – Colonial Fantasies, Violent Transmissions, Psychoanalysis & Politics, Swedish Psychoanalytic Society, Stockholm, Sweden. 

May 2-4 – The Truths of Psychoanalysis, 11th Meeting of the International Association for Psychoanalysis & Philosophy (SIPP), Södertörn University & Swedish Psychoanalytic Society, Stockholm, Sweden. 

April 26 – Launch event for Rendering Unconscious: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Politics & Poetry (Trapart Books) and On Psychoanalysis and Violence: Contemporary Lacanian Perspectives (Routledge), Rönnells Antikvariat, Stockholm, Sweden. 

January 12 – February 3 – “Cut to Fit the Mouth” exhibition, Galleri Granen, Sundsvall, Sweden. Live performance with Carl Abrahamsson. Reviewed in Sundsvalls Tidning.


Select Past Events


September 14 – Live performance with Carl Abrahamsson, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Lecture series with Carl Abrahamsson across Scandinavia on the Cut-up Method of Brion Gysin & William Burroughs to celebrate the release of Brion Gysin: His Name Was Master (Trapart Books).

April 28-29 – Conjuring Creativity: Art and the Esoteric, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden.

April 9 – The Magic of the Cut-up Method & Third Mind, Nura Learning.



May 6 – Launch event for The Fenris Wolf, vol 9 (Trapart Books), Cut to Fit the Mouth (Arcana Machine) and Message 23 (Highbrow-Lowlife) + sleep concert with Michael McDermott aka Mikronesia, New York City, USA.

March 22 – The Cut in Creation, Maryland Institute for Contemporary Art (MICA), Baltimore, USA. Hosted by Mikita Brottman

February 27 – Switching Mirrors book release event, The Bookstore in the Grove, Miami, USA. Live performance with Carl Abrahamsson.

January 4 – Switching Mirrors book release event,  Rönnells Antikvariat, Stockholm, Sweden. Live performance with Den Arkaiska Rösten.

January 3 – Switching Mirrors book release event, Bokhandeln Aniara, Göteborg, Sweden. Live performance with Joachim Nordwall & Carl Abrahamsson.



November 28 – Book launch for Switching Mirrors, The Delancey, New York City, USA. Live performance with Liza Beth Paap.

October 24 – An Evening of Exquisite Corpse, The Delancey, New York City, USA.

October 15-16 – Annual Dream Over: a Sleepover for Adults, The Rubin Museum of Art, New York City, USA. Read Alexxa Gotthardt’s article “I Spent the Night in a Museum, and I’ve Never Felt Closer to a Work of Art” for Artsy.

October 6 – On the Dance of Occult and Unconscious in Freud with Dr Steven Reisner, Morbid Anatomy Museum, New York City, USA.

September 19 – Rendering Unconscious: an Evening of Automatic Poetry, The Delancey, New York City, USA.

September 14 – Stripped to the Core on the Road to Madness – Journey of the Shaman, Artist, Magical Practitioner with Charlotte Rodgers and Khi Armand, Morbid Anatomy Museum, New York City, USA.

September 9-10 – Trans-States: The Art of Crossing Over conference, University of Northampton, UK.

July 22 – “Belle de Jour & the work of artists Breyer P-Orridge,” Cabaret Cinema, as part of the exhibition Try to Altar Every Thing, The Rubin Museum of Art, New York City, USA.

July 12 – The Thing That Knowledge Can’t Eat: Engaging the Power of Archetypes and Deities for Radical Transformation/ Exploring the Seven Souls with Langston Kahn and Demetrius Lacroix, Morbid Anatomy Museum, New York City, USA.

May 27 – Double, Double, Toil and Trouble; Narcissism, Mourning & Sexuality: Freud and Lacan meet Dalí and Goldin with Claire-Madeline Culkin and Dr Ray O Neill, Morbid Anatomy Museum, New York City, USA. Read Sola Agustsson’s review “Dali’s Doppleganger’s and Ghosts” at Hyperallergic.

May 6-8 – Psychoanalysis, Art & the Occult conference, Candid Arts Trust, London, England. The papers from this conference are collected together into a special edition of The Fenris Wolf available via Trapart Books.

April 28 – Cutting up the Image of the Father/ Reconstructing the Third, as part of the “Father Figures are Hard to Find” exhibition, NGBK, Berlin, Germany.

April 18 – Image Within/ Image Without: Iconography, Symbols, and the Psychology Reflected Therein – A Discussion of Historical and Modern Divinatory Practices  with Dr Al Cummins and Jesse Hathaway Diaz, Morbid Anatomy Museum, New York City, USA.

February 5 – Death is in Our Hearts: Meditations on Death’s Attractional Force, an Illustrated Lecture with Carl Abrahamsson, Morbid Anatomy Museum, New York City, USA.

January 16 – The Cut in Creation with Katelan Foisy at Madame Zuzu’s, Chicago, USA.

January 11 – The Cut in Creation: an Introduction to Psychoanalysis, Art & the Occult with Katelan Foisy, at Morbid Anatomy Museum, New York City, USA. Read the article by Gabby Bess for Broadly/VICE The Power of Cutting Up Your Idols & Everything Else.



May 1-3 – On Violence and Psychoanalysis, Fordham University – Lincoln Center Campus, New York City, USA.


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